Best Banks For Education Loan in 2022

Best Bank For Education Loan

Education is the central part of our life, and we need a proper study system to gain skills and improve our vision that is important for our career growth, which is why some students want to know top banks who provide education loans at low-interest rates. 

Here you will get a list of those banks and share some vital information about these banks who provide you with education loans in India. 

Punjab National Bank:

Punjab national bank is Perfect for schooling loans because It’s a government lender using a low price EMI system; in addition, every student wants to apply for a research loan from a lender Punjab National Bank delivers multiple instructions loan strategies. Including schemes provided for schooling in India and overseas. The loan provided for higher education overseas is called PNB Udaan. PNB Udaan supplies a loan to the top institute and classwork overseas in India and abroad. The interest rate for the Udaan plot is 10.4 percent, which means it has a very low-cost EMI for students. No Maximum loan limit; this is dependent on your repayment ability and allowance.

Corporation Bank:

It’s a central government lender that supplies education low at a reduced charge, and also you can contact them for more Details Corporation Bank also provides an education loan strategy. No processing charge, along with concession for the girl child in the interest rates, are favorable factors of Corp Vidya’s strategy.  The scheme name is called Corp Vidya Scheme. The student can apply for this loan through VidyaLaxmi Portal additionally. If we talk about the loan amount, then the maximum loan amount is currently 10 Lakh. The Interest rate is 10.95 percent for students, which means you do not need to pay an extra amount for your study loan. It is useful for all students who are facing money problems or have not much money to do study, but with the co-operative banks, they can do any study if they have higher marks in the previous study. 

Allahabad Bank:

Allahabad Bank provides two kinds of education loans. For higher research and faculty instruction in India, they give a loan called Gyan Dipika, and also, for additional, they provide regular instruction loans. For ordinary education loans, the max loan amount will be 75 Lakh. To get Gyan Dipika the highest loan amount is currently 1 Lakh.  If you want to do a degree, you can contact Allahabad bank; they will help you provide more detail on India’s education loans, but you should have higher marks in your previous study; otherwise, you will not be eligible for a study loan. 

SBI Bank:

State Bank of India is still among the most significant banks supplying education loans for overseas studies. The education loan of SBI covers enormous educational expenditures, including travel costs. SBI is an honest name, plus they provide student loans at a really low-interest pace. Along with some Student loans besides, they provide Scholar Loan policy, Skill loan policy, etc.

The SBI bank is right for an education loan, house loan, and car loan; if you want to know more about the education loan producer, you can visit their branch in your nearest area. 


The maximum loan provided by ICICI bank is just 1 Crore. The loan will be collateral-free, around 40 Lakh for chosen institutes. This means you’ve got enormous opportunities to gain entry to your preferred university if icici bank is prepared to satisfy your study loan at reduced interest rates.

Are you having plenty of questions on your mind concerning education loans? Then You Need to see your closest icici branch, and They’ll Provide you with more details about your loan program.

This bank can be best for poor students who do not have huge money for a degree program because icici bank has very low-cost EMI and interest rates for brilliant students. 

Axis Bank:

Axis Bank is following in the list of banks for education loans from India. It is also possible to avail the Central government attention subsidy for the economically weaker part by employing this particular financial institution. The tremendous loan amount to your analysis is among these plus points concerning Axis Bank Education Loan. On the other hand, the interest rate appropriate for schooling loans in axis lenders is a bit greater. The maximum Loan Amount is around 75 Lakh is from the axis bank in India and the bank can pay for tuition fees, hostel fees, cost of novels, etc. The rate of interest for the amount of the loan around 4 Lakh is 15.2 percent.

For any education, a student has up to 50% marks in the previous education program otherwise you can not avail education loan from any bank. 

Union Bank Of India:

Union Bank covers instruction loans under the credit guarantee finance strategy. Thus you have to submit an application of applicants like KYC documents, legitimate income signs, allotment correspondence, and in-depth fees arrangement. The downside is that the student should possess life insurance equivalent to the value of their amount of the loan. For this reason, you have to purchase life insurance.

The utmost limit for pursuing classes from India will be currently Rs. 20 Lakhs and also for abroad, the highest loan amount is presently Rs. 30 Lakhs. Union Bank doesn’t charge any processing charge for instruction loans no matter the amount of the loan. 

So if you have a plan to go with any central bank then you can try union bank which is connected with the central government. 

Canara Bank:

Canara Bank gives need-based funds for postsecondary training and education. The highest amount you may buy is Rs. 1.5 Lakhs. Therefore, the fund’s quantum is limited to Rs. 10 Lakhs for research in India and Rs. 20 Lakhs for overseas studies. For those students, who wish to pursue professional classes in particular premier associations, they give you a maximum loan of Rs. 25 Lakhs beneath the Vidya Truant plan.

They do not have some particular schemes for overseas studies using a more generous loan limit. So obtaining a greater quantity of loans is quite hard. 

Canara bank will be the right bank for your education loan but they have a higher interest rate than other banks but they provide fast delivery of your loan application.


Getting an education loan is beneficial for those students who are going abroad for higher study or want to do a degree in various programs. So if you think this article is helpful then also share it with your friends.