How to Become LIC Agent? 7 Easy Steps To Follow


If you are looking for a complete guide on how to become LIC agent for LIC Merchant login access, you are at the right place.

LIC ( Life Insurance Company Of India ) is India’s oldest and most trusted insurance company. LIC has to build incredible trust among citizens. The secret of this much growth is its agents are known to me and you as LIC agents.

A LIC agent is an independent contractor who sells insurance for a living. A lot of people are drawn to becoming LIC agents because it allows them to be their own boss and they can choose the hours that work best with their lifestyles.

The company itself provides the training to become an agent. Becoming a LIC agent is one of the most significant jobs. You are your boss, and you can do it both part-time or full-time.

Here’s a step by step guide on how to become LIC agent:

Becoming a LIC Agent is a great way to get into the insurance selling industry, but it can be hard to know where to start. Follow these 7 easy steps, and you’ll have your LIC agent license in no time.

1. Eligibility Requirements Documents.

This is the first and most essential step to become a LIC agent. You must be at least 18 years old and must be a citizen of India. For this, you will require the Date Of Birth ( DOB ) certificate. It is an essential document we have. If you don’t have your DOB certificate, visit the Municipal Corporation nearby and get it made. You will require this document when going for the interview.

2. Qualify in 10th Standard from School.

To become a LIC Agent, you must be qualified in the 10th class exams and have the school’s official certificate issued and signed. If you are 10th pass but don’t have the certificate, visit your school and ask for it.

3. Must have A PAN Card.

It is the last document required to become a LIC agent. You must have your PAN Number or Pan Card ( Permanent Account Number ). If you have all these documents, then you are ready for the next step. If you haven’t visited then, you can even apply online. You need to submit documents such as photos, Aadhar cards, DOB, or any other to get the PAN card. It will deliver to your address, and the date will be mentioned.

4. Interview and Training.

If all the required documents are with you, then you are ready for this step. Visit the nearest LIC Branch and meet the development officer. The development officer will take your interview, and if you are qualified, the LIC Training program is waiting for you. The training program will be for 25 hours. In training, you will be getting all the information related to the exam and all other steps.

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5. Prepare For IRDAI Exam.

After the personal training, you have to register for the IRDAI exam. Be sure you prepare well for the exam. For the preparation material, you can ask the LIC Branch. They may even provide you with books for free. This exam will test you if you can become a LIC Agent or not. You need to score at least 40% in the exam to qualify for the next step and get the appointment letter.

6. Appointment Letter & Interview.

After successfully qualifying for the exam, you will get an appointment letter with a unique code. Now you have to visit a development officer for a personal interview and further guidance. A specific development officer will assign to you according to your location. The name and location of the development officer will be mentioned in the appointment letter given to you.

7. Attending an Interview & Training with the officer.

This is the last step of how to become LIC agent, and you are almost ready to become an honourable LIC Merchant or Agent. The development officer will again take your interview. This time, he will provide you with some knowledge; he will guide you further and tell you how to start and other important information required to be a perfect LIC agent. This time he will give you practical knowledge, and it’s the most valuable knowledge.


Congratulations! You now have the knowledge to how to become LIC Agent, and with your newfound skills, you can start earning more money by selling life insurance. If this blog post was helpful for you or someone else in your family, please share it on social media so that others may learn how to be successful LIC agents too.

Your research on how to become LIC Agent is now over, and we hope you are satisfied with this information. This was the complete guide in just seven steps to becoming a LIC agent and paying LIC Premium. If you are looking for any job, you can easily become a LIC agent.

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