How to Turn Off Glance in Samsung… Don’t Make Such a Decision!

Do you love cherishing memorable pics on your phone screen? Then you would be tired of the colourful wallpapers with flashing images and real-time updates hiding your pic. These dynamic wallpapers are the magical expertise of the Glance smart lock screen feature. Glance is a built-in technological marvel, delivering dynamic wallpapers, present in almost all popular mobile brands like Samsung, Realme, Vivo, Xiaomi and Oppo. Yet it can be turned off if you prefer static wallpapers. 

Glance brings personalised recommendations of news updates, live entertainment and keeps you engaged and informed. You can also use it as a knowledge panel with the educational content it brings. Glance offers countless benefits to give you the most sophisticated user experience on your smartphone screen. Nonetheless, if you are not a fan of it, we are here to tell you, How to turn off Glance in Samsung? Spare us a minute to unveil the magical experience of Glance before you make a decision to turn it off. 

Decoding Glance

Glance is not just vibrant wallpapers flashing through your smartphone’s screen. It is a technological boom of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, bringing the infotainment world to your doorstep. Glance is an inevitable feature you come across every moment in this digital age. Glance transforms your interactive experience with smartphones.

The smart lock screen observes your preferences and interests over time, bringing you the most customisable updates. Glance keeps you informed and engaged without unlocking your phone and navigating multiple apps, thus saving you time and effort. A remarkable provision of Glance is the seamless shopping experience by notifying the super hot deals.

Glance adapts to your preferences and behaviour for fresh and updated content. It never stops to surprise you with suggestions for your new passion. Are you getting attracted to Glance? Hold on. There is still more with Glance to offer you. So, think twice before you ask, “How to turn off Glance in Samsung?”

Know the perks before making a decision

Enchanting Visuals

Glance brings a smile to your face and hopes to your heart at a glance over your smartphone screens with its captivating and mesmerising visuals. It treats you visually with tempting images that take you to the outside world. The appealing pictures accompanied with positive affirmations make your day. Glance offers a comprehensive collection of themes and patterns to customise your lock screen and give a personal touch to your device. Before you decide to turn off Glance, glance at the magnetic pictures on your smart lock screen and proceed. 

Amusing Entertainment

Glance gives a revolutionary definition for entertainment. Glance lets you enjoy various entertaining videos on your lock screen and transforms your smartphone into an entertainment hub.  You can watch funny videos, trending songs, and viral content while you commute or take a munchy break from work. With a simple swipe, without unlocking your device and searching for any entertainment app, you can relish entertainment content based on your preferences. With Glance, you can never miss out on the trending movie trailers of your favourite movie star. 

Knowledge Hub

Not just entertainment, Glance also works to quench your thirst for knowledge. It gives you personalised updates on your passionate domains. Whether scientific facts, recent discoveries, historical insights, literary nuggets, or space inventions, Glance offers valuable educational content to upskill yourself, making your idle moment worthwhile. As with visually stimulating images, Glance shows interactive and captivating subjects, making you eager to learn without unlocking the phone and paying for educational apps. Acquire a new skill or knowledge effortlessly on the go with the Glance converting your smartphone into an educational portal. 

Fascinating Gaming World

If you are a game-lover, consider revising your decision to switch off Glance, as it gives you seamless access to your favourite games and welcomes you to the fantasy gaming world. You are relieved from the burden of searching and downloading gaming apps consuming your storage and are blessed with the joy of gaming with a single swipe. Glance offers a user-friendly gaming solution with your favourite games and ensures you never miss out on little fun during your leisure time. 

Up-to-the-minute News

Be it a meeting, class, or work, wherever you are, whatever you are into, Glance keeps you updated with live news from all over the world. It gives more personalised news updates from your behavioural history and location. You are accessible to local news, events, trending topics, top political stories, and breaking news with your decision to keep on the Glance feature. You will take advantage of your favourite celebrity news, global affairs of your interest, and market insights of your trading business. 

Sports Buzz

Glance is a boon for sports fans; it keeps you updated with your passionate sport through captivating visuals and short clips. Ever imagine watching a goal in football, a six or wicket in cricket, or a winning moment in athletics while you commute to work? All this is possible with Glance offering you the facility to watch trending sports video clips without unlocking your device. 

Glance is an impressive achievement of technological innovation. It gives countless benefits for its users to bask in. A small portion of its expansive, versatile advantages to smartphone users are listed above. If you are surprised by the multiple benefits of Glance, rethink your decision to turn off Glance and embrace the personalised recommendations of infotainment by Glance at a swipe. If not, scroll down to find out “How to Turn off Glance in Samsung?”

How to Turn off Glance in Samsung

Despite the benefits of Glance, you always have the right to turn it off, as each individual is unique, and so is their decision. If you prefer to stay with the static wallpapers, here we give you the simple and easy steps on “How to Turn off Glance in Samsung?”

Step 1 of How to Turn off Glance in Samsung

The first step is to unlock your Samsung smartphone and click on the settings menu. As the settings menu has options to control all your applications, click on it to change the Glance controls.

Step 2 of How to Turn off Glance in Samsung

Search for the Wallpaper and Style options once you are in the settings menu. Gently tap on it to proceed with your decision to turn off the Glance. 

Step 3 of How to Turn off Glance in Samsung

Scroll under the Wallpaper option until you find the Wallpaper services tab. Once you reach it, click the option and continue to the next step. 

Step 4 of How to Turn off Glance in Samsung

As a final step, tap the none button to stop the eye-catching images from reaching your screen. Thus you have successfully learned “How to turn off Glance in Samsung?” 

Final Thoughts before your Final Decision to turn off Glance

Glance stands with pride as a versatile gateway to the world of Infotainment, Shopping, News, and Education. Whatever your passion is, Glance learns it and comes with countless suggestions to entertain and groom you for betterment. It is a worthwhile addition to your device, giving you a posh smartphone experience. Upgrade your digital life with the enormous benefits of Glance. Happy Glancing!

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