Hello people, today I’m going to share with you the four best LIC health insurance plans. I’ll give short knowledge about all the plans, and then it will become easy for you to buy. The information I’ll share in this article can be wrong or expired as I’ve collected it from the internet. So, please read all the related schemes carefully.

We’ve already shared the best LIC policy in 2020.

LIC has many health insurance plans, but these four plans are the most sold and highly recommended plan. So let’s get started with four best LIC health insurance plans:

1. LIC Jeevan Aarogya policy plan.

Short information:

• offer cover for your parents, spouse, children, and parents in law.

• Financial security for medical expenses.

• gives assistance payout, no matter what the medical cost is.

• Quick cash benefits are available at hospital admissions without waiting for a claim after the discharge.

• LIC pays 50% upfront under Fast Cash.


• hospital cash benefits.

• significant surgical benefit.

• day care product benefit.

• other surgical benefits.

• premium abandonment satisfaction.

2. LIC’s cancer cover plan table(905).

A. Entry age:

Minimum- 20 years

Maximum- 65 years

B. Policy term:

Minimum- 10years

Maximum 30 years

C. Cancer cover ceasing age plan.

Min- 50years

Max- 75 years


The plan has to 2 benefit option which has to be chosen by the proposer. The premium rate will vary. It depends on the option selected.

• option 1: levels include some necessary sum assured, which remain unchanged during the policy term.

• option 2: The Sum Insured increases by 10% of the Sum Insured each year for five years. Beginning with the first policy anniversary or until the first occurrence of cancer is diagnosed.

3. LIC Jeevan Anand plan.

A. Entry age:

Min-18 years


B. Policy term:

Min-15 years



• whole life discovery even after maturity.

• twice guaranteed Sum assured.

•, this plan will take care of your third child.

• bonus and final supplementary dividend.

• advanced is available in policy term and after maturity also.

• best-secured gift to the family.

• guaranteed cash value even after maturity also.

• accidental permanent disability benefit is available up to 50 lacs sum assured.

• income tax rebate u/s 80c -150000(1.5 lacs).

4. LIC Accidental Death or Disability Assistance Rider Scheme/Policy.

You must be wondering what Accidental Death and Disability Benefit Rider Scheme are? Well, let me tell you that rider includes policy benefits and additional benefits that the company has to pay for you.

When to take this rider(policy)?

• at the time of policy adoption(At the Time of Buying).

• during the policy period(outstanding premium payment term is at least five years).


• death benefit: the rider sum assured is due.

• policy benefits plus rider sum assured.

• disability benefits (Assistances): monthly payment.

So this will be the end of my article. I hope you guy’s like all the information regarding the LIC health Insurance plans. I’ve tried hard to collect all the right information, so I request you to share this valuable article with your family and friends.

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