A Website for a Web Developer and Browser Extension Creator is the personal website of Basil, a web developer and browser extension creator. Basil is the author of Accelerant, a browser extension that improves the Nitro Type experience. Nitro Type is a typing game where players race against each other by typing fast and accurately.

Accelerant adds features such as custom race banners, theming tweaks, and an integrated menu to the Nitro Type website. It also has options to adjust the difficulty and speed of the game. Accelerant is open source and available for Chrome and Firefox browsers.

Basil also has a GitHub profile where she showcases her other projects and repositories. She uses TypeScript, React, Vite, and Webpack for her web development. She also has a blog where she writes about her interests and experiences.

Basil’s website has recently moved to, where you can find more information about her and her work. You can also contact her through email or Discord if you have any questions or feedback. Basil is always eager to learn new things and share her knowledge with others.