Hypertabs: A Web Proxy with a Chromium-Style Interface

Have you ever wanted to browse the internet without any restrictions or censorship? Have you ever wished you could access any website from within a webpage? If so, you might be interested in Hypertabs, a web proxy front-end that mimics the look and feel of a Chromium browser.

Hypertabs is a project by Titanium Network, an organization dedicated to providing services related to bypassing internet censorship². Hypertabs allows you to enter any URL and load it within a tabbed interface that resembles a Chromium browser. You can switch between tabs, open new tabs, close tabs, and even use keyboard shortcuts to navigate. Hypertabs also supports hCAPTCHA, which means you can access websites that require human verification².

Hypertabs works by intercepting HTTP requests with a service worker script that follows the TompHTTP specifications³. This means that Hypertabs can handle complex websites and scripts without compromising your privacy or security. Hypertabs also uses micro-css, a styling system that prevents bad or conflicting styles from affecting the interface³.

Hypertabs is not only a web proxy, but also a web app that can be installed on your device. You can add Hypertabs to your home screen or desktop and launch it like any other app. Hypertabs also has an optional second argument that allows you to customize the tabs nav-bar with additional nodes³. For example, you can add a status bar or a burger menu to enhance your browsing experience.

Hypertabs is a simple yet powerful web proxy front-end that gives you the freedom and convenience of browsing the internet within a webpage. You can try it out at https://hypertabs.cc/¹ or check out its source code at https://github.com/titaniumnetwork-dev/hypertabs². If you like Hypertabs, you might also want to check out other projects by Titanium Network, such as Holy Unblocker, Incognito, Terbium, Illusive, Ludicrous, Nebula, Radon, and more².