Jcarter Armageddon: The Story of a MUD Fan Site and Its Controversies

What is Armageddon MUD?

Armageddon MUD is a text-based online role-playing game set in a harsh desert world inspired by the novels of Frank Herbert and George R. R. Martin. Players create characters and interact with each other and the environment through written commands and descriptions. The game has been running since 1991 and has a loyal fan base.

Who is Jcarter?

Jcarter is a former player of Armageddon MUD, and the founder of a fan site that provides information, guides, maps, forums, and chat rooms for the game. Jcarter started playing the game in 2010 and created his fan site in 2012. He claims that he was motivated by his love for the game and his desire to help other players.

Why is Jcarter Armageddon controversial?

Jcarter Armageddon has been controversial for several reasons. Some of them are:

  • Jcarter Armageddon reveals information that is supposed to be secret or hidden in the game, such as skills, spells, locations, and plots. This violates the game’s rules and policies, which state that players should discover things through role-playing and exploration, not through external sources.
  • Jcarter Armageddon criticizes the game’s staff and certain players for their actions and decisions, such as banning accounts, favoring certain clans or characters, or abusing their power. This creates conflict and drama within the game’s community, which is supposed to be respectful and cooperative.
  • Jcarter Armageddon encourages players to cheat, exploit, or break the game’s rules, such as using multiple accounts, metagaming, or griefing. This harms the game’s integrity and quality, and affects other players’ enjoyment and immersion.

What happened to Jcarter Armageddon?

Jcarter Armageddon has been reported to the game’s staff several times by other players who were unhappy with its content and influence. The staff warned Jcarter to stop violating the game’s rules and policies, or face consequences. Jcarter ignored the warnings and continued to update his fan site.

In 2023, the staff decided to ban Jcarter’s account from the game permanently. They also requested his web host to take down his fan site for infringing the game’s intellectual property rights. Jcarter refused to comply and moved his fan site to another web host.

Since then, Jcarter Armageddon has been operating as an unofficial and unauthorized fan site for Armageddon MUD. It still attracts some visitors who are interested in its information and opinions, but it also faces criticism and opposition from other players who support the game’s staff and policies.

What is the future of Jcarter Armageddon?

Jcarter Armageddon is unlikely to change its stance or content anytime soon. Jcarter claims that he is doing a service to the game’s community by exposing its flaws and providing alternatives. He also says that he is not afraid of legal action from the game’s staff, as he believes that he has fair use rights to use their material.

However, Jcarter Armageddon may face more challenges and difficulties in the future. The game’s staff may take further steps to shut down his fan site or sue him for damages. Other players may boycott his fan site or harass him online. The game itself may evolve or improve in ways that make his fan site obsolete or irrelevant.

Jcarter Armageddon is a controversial fan site that reflects one player’s passion and frustration with a long-running online role-playing game. It has sparked debates and conflicts within the game’s community, and has raised questions about the boundaries of fandom and creativity.