momokun pretty ugly little liars: The Controversial Cosplayer Who Sparked Outrage on Pretty Ugly Little Liar

momokun pretty ugly little liars , also known as Mariah Mallad, is a cosplayer who has been accused of sexual harassment, plagiarism, lying, and other unethical behavior by her critics. She was one of the most discussed topics on Pretty Ugly Little Liar (PULL), a web forum that exposed the secrets and scandals of online personalities and celebrities. PULL was shut down in 2020 due to legal threats and internal conflicts among the moderators and users.

momokun pretty ugly little liars controversies began in 2017, when she was accused of stealing designs and costumes from other cosplayers and artists, such as Narga Lifestream, Kay Bear, and Sakimi Chan. She also faced backlash for her inappropriate and sexualized cosplay of underage characters, such as Chibi Moon from Sailor Moon and Kanna from Miss Kobayashi’s Dragon Maid. She was also criticized for her poor craftsmanship, lack of originality, and excessive photo editing.

In 2018, Momokun’s reputation took a major hit when several people came forward with allegations of sexual harassment and assault against her. She was accused of groping, kissing, and touching other cosplayers and convention attendees without their consent. She initially denied the accusations, but later admitted to them and claimed that she had bipolar disorder and ADHD that made her act impulsively. She also blamed her victims for not speaking up sooner and accused them of trying to ruin her career. She issued a public apology on Instagram, but many people found it insincere and self-serving.

Momokun continued to be a controversial figure in the cosplay community, as she faced more accusations of plagiarism, lying, scamming, and disrespecting other cultures. She was also involved in several feuds with other cosplayers and influencers, such as Jessica Nigri, Belle Delphine, and Vampy Bit Me. She often deleted or blocked negative comments on her social media accounts, and tried to silence her critics with legal threats or bribes.

Momokun was one of the most hated and mocked cosplayers on PULL, where users exposed her lies and scandals with screenshots, videos, and receipts. They also criticized her appearance, behavior, and personality. Some users even went as far as to dox her personal information or harass her family and friends. PULL was one of the few places where Momokun’s critics could voice their opinions freely, without fear of being censored or sued by her.

However, PULL was not without its own problems. The site was often accused of being toxic, hateful, obsessive, and hypocritical by its detractors. Some users were also involved in drama or conflicts with each other or with the moderators. The site also faced legal issues from some of the celebrities or personalities that it targeted, such as Venus Angelic’s mother Margaret Palermo. In 2020, the site’s owner Nyx announced that PULL would be shutting down permanently due to these reasons.

Momokun is still active on social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, OnlyFans, and Twitch. She still has a loyal fanbase that supports her cosplay and content. However, she also still has many haters and critics that continue to expose and mock her on other sites or forums. Momokun’s legacy as a cosplayer is tainted by her controversies and scandals that were brought to light by PULL.