Tikfail: How a TikTok Downloader Became a Popular Archive for Deleted Videos

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, with over 1 billion monthly active users. However, not all TikTok videos are meant to last forever. Some users may delete their videos for various reasons, such as privacy, copyright, or regret. But what if you want to watch a deleted TikTok video again?

That’s where Tikfail comes in. Tikfail is a web service that allows users to make copies of their own TikToks or any other TikToks they find online. Tikfail also keeps a copy of every downloaded video on its own server, so they are viewable even if they get deleted on TikTok.com¹. Users can browse the archive of over 690,000 different TikToks on the website¹ or use the API to access them programmatically¹.

Tikfail is not affiliated or sponsored by TikTok.com or Bytedance Ltd, the company that owns TikTok¹³. It is an unofficial and independent service that aims to provide an amazing experience for its users. It does not have any speed limits, download limits, or annoying ads¹. It also offers an unofficial TikTok API that lets users query trending videos, hashtags, user profiles, and music infos from TikTok.com¹.

Tikfail is a useful tool for anyone who wants to save, share, or watch any TikTok video. Whether you want to relive a funny moment, catch up on a viral trend, or discover new content, Tikfail can help you do that. It is also a valuable resource for researchers, journalists, and activists who want to preserve and analyze TikTok content that may otherwise be lost or censored.

Tikfail is the best option for TikTok mirroring and archiving. It is simple, fast, and reliable. Try it out today and join thousands of others in building this expansive TikTok archive!