Topsun PW: A Free and Secure Web Proxy for Everyone

If you are looking for a way to access your favorite websites and web applications without compromising your privacy and security, you might want to try Topsun PW. Topsun PW is a free web proxy that uses CroxyProxy technology to provide advanced features and support for modern web applications³.

A web proxy is a service that acts as an intermediary between your browser and the website you want to visit. It allows you to bypass network restrictions and censorship, hide your IP address and location, encrypt your data, and access geo-blocked content. However, not all web proxies are created equal. Some of them may break websites, limit your bandwidth, or expose your personal information.

Topsun PW is different from other web proxies because it uses CroxyProxy, the most advanced free web proxy on the market¹. CroxyProxy is designed to offer better support for modern web applications, such as video and audio streaming, authorization, comments, and social media. It also protects your privacy by making your real IP address invisible and transferring all data through a secure connection. You can use Topsun PW to search on Google, watch videos on YouTube, chat with friends on Facebook, and use Twitter¹.

Topsun PW is very easy to use. You don’t need to download any application or configure your browser. You just need to type your search query or the URL of the website you want to visit in the form above and click on the Go button. You can also send the link to your friends using the permanent link generation feature¹. Topsun PW works on any device and operating system, such as Windows desktops, mobile devices on Android, Chromebooks, etc¹. It supports most of the web browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari¹.

Topsun PW is a free service that does not require any credit card or registration. However, if you want to enjoy more benefits and features, you can upgrade to CroxyProxy Premium. With CroxyProxy Premium, you can access more servers in different countries of the EU, get faster speed and unlimited bandwidth, remove ads and pop-ups, and get priority support¹.

Topsun PW is a good alternative to a VPN. Unlike VPNs, web proxies cannot be detected by network administrators or websites. You can also choose to open one web page through the proxy and keep other traffic direct. This way, you can save your money and resources while still accessing the content you want¹.

If you are looking for a free and secure web proxy that can handle modern web applications and protect your privacy, Topsun PW is the best choice for you. Try it today and see the difference for yourself!