10 Online Job Opportunities to Support Your Overstretched Payslip

With the current global economic meltdown, having a side hustle should top your New Year’s resolutions list. This is especially true if you have a paycheck already overburdened by numerous deductions. In this article, we want to discuss some ten ways to make money online and gain some financial security. 

#1: Online Tutoring

Online tutors meet their clients virtually to provide knowledge and instructions on several subjects. So, if you have skills you would like to share with others remotely, you can become an online tutor at a small fee. Online tutors teach an individual or a group about multiple subjects such as math, physics, biology, blockchain, and finance. And guess what? There are several websites where you can get online tutoring jobs and earn good money. 

#2: Make and Sell DIY Crafts

This is a bright idea to make money online while exploring your creative side and discovering a new passion. You can earn from creative activities like painting, jewellery, baking, and crafting. For example, you might have a Cricut machine or a plotter lying idle in your store. In that case, dust off the machine and start crafting numerous DIY projects like custom mugs, t-shirts, bags, and cards. The options are many!

#3: Rent Out Spare Rooms

If you own a big house/home with spare rooms, rent out the extra spaces and get some passive income. There are numerous online platforms to advertise your rental property, including Rightmove, Zoopler, and Airbnb. But be guided that you may need to make several renovations before advertising your spare room online. Also, ensure you take the necessary security measures before renting a house to someone else. 

#4: Take Surveys

Participating in online market research and providing unbiased opinions on various subjects is an excellent way to make money online on survey websites like:

  • Survey Junkie
  • OneOpinion
  • Ipsos iSay
  • Swagbucks
  • Toluna
  • InboxDollars

But note that this online activity won’t earn you big money, although it can still put some extra balance in your pocket. An average person on Swagbucks can make between $1 and $5. 

#5: Take and Sell Photos

Your smartphone is a convenient tool to make calls and browse social media. Modern smartphones also house powerful camera systems that can take breathtaking photos. But don’t just keep these photos in your gallery. Instead, proceed to sell them on platforms like Shutterstock, Getty Images, iStock, Depositphotos, and Adobe. But remember, you must meet specific criteria before uploading photos on these platforms. 

#6: Write Blog Posts

Becoming a freelance writer is a creative way to earn passive money. You can sign up on writing platforms and generate blog articles for clients in your preferred niche. If you have an interest in online gambling, you can read informative casino reviews and learn to produce gambling-related content. Alternatively, you can buy an established website and employ someone to generate ideas and write posts. 

#7: Become a Transcriber

If you can type text quickly and accurately, consider becoming a transcriber. It’s simple; you only need to listen to recorded audio and convert them into understandable text. You can make money on TranscribeMe, GoTranscript, Rev.com, just to name a few websites. Remember, typing speed is critical in online transcription work. 

#8: Become a Vlogger

Don’t just idle around your Instagram account watching and liking reels. Instead, you can become a content creator and earn money. Social media vloggers often make money from ads and merchandise sales. However, you must build a loyal fanbase to earn on these platforms, which will likely take time and effort. Fortunately, there are several tips on how to gain followers on Instagram and other social apps. 

#9: Watch Movies and Get Paid

Who knew a time would come when you could be paid to watch your favourite movies? Today, there are several platforms that can make your movie-watching experience more fulfilling by paying you to write credible reviews. You can share your movie reviews on platforms like Bustle, ScreenRant, and Cracked, with Cracked paying up to $200 if your review gets published. So, polish your review writing skills. 

#10: Sell Unwanted Items Online

Do you have objects or items around the house that you no longer need? These items can be helpful to someone else, so it’s wise to consider making a few coins off them. Become even smarter by refurbishing your old items to increase their value. 


As you have read in this post, there is no time or age limit when it comes to making passive income online. With the increasing inflation rates, your payslip won’t stretch as it once did. So, get creative and use the internet to explore new income streams.