Bicycle Riding Trails to Check Out Near Santa Barbara, CA

Santa Barbara, CA is renowned for its incredible seaside views, unique terrain, and year-round mild climate. These elements make Santa Barbara a perfect place for a bike trip. Santa Barbara also comes equipped with diverse bike trails. Santa Barbara bike trails offer options that fit any experience level or ability. 

Before hitting the blazing bike trails, it’s imperative to practice proper bike safety by using the right safety equipment and protecting yourself from injury. If you’ve suffered an injury while riding, consult with diligent bicycle accident attorneys about your treatment and compensation options. Let’s take a look at some of our favorite bike paths and trails to decide which ones work best for you. 

Amazing Santa Barbara, CA Bicycle Riding Trails to Check Out 

Santa Barbara, CA attracts cycling enthusiasts because it offers an assortment of trails for all riding levels.  These include smooth rides along the coast to challenging mountain climbs. Here’s a curated list of must-ride bike trails around Santa Barbara that provide a mesmerizing cycling experience for all ages.

Goleta Beach Path

For those who are interested in a relaxed riding experience, the Goleta Beach Path is a great choice. This trail is paved and runs along the Goleta coastline with access to Goleta Beach Park. The path is flat and smooth, making it the ideal spot for family rides and picnics.  Cyclists will enjoy encapsulating views of the ocean, beachside parks, and the chance to check out some local California wildlife.

Jesusita Trail

The Jesusita Trail is for adventure seekers who need something a bit more challenging. The Jesusita trail travels through the Los Padres National Forest and provides mesmerizing views of the city and the Pacific Ocean. 

This popular mountain route features steep hills and rugged terrain. Jesusita trail is a 7 mile round trip and is better suited for intermediate and advanced bikers. Be sure to stop and take in the gorgeous panoramic views from Inspiration Point, at the midway point of the trail.

Cabrillo Bike Path

The Cabrillo Bike Path is a smooth and scenic bike trail. The Cabrillo Bike Path is a chill ride with stunning ocean views. This bike path is 4.5 miles along the Santa Barbara coast. It has level ground and is family-friendly. The Cabrillo Bike Path runs from Leadbetter Beach to Butterfly Beach, and along the way, cyclists can stop to check out the Santa Barbara Harbor, and Stearns Wharf while enjoying a beautiful sunset. 

Romero Canyon Trail

The Romero Canyon Trail is for mountain bike enthusiasts because this trail starts with a steady incline through a shaded canyon. This canyon opens up into a picturesque view of the Santa Ynez Mountains and the Channel Islands. Romero Canyon Trail is a roughly 10-mile round trip and connects with other nearby trails for riders who want to make a whole day of their riding experience. Beginner cyclists beware because this trail is great for intermediate riders and requires a certain level of stamina. 

Elings Park Trails

Elings Park offers a plethora of bike trails for cyclists interested in a mix of difficulty levels.  Elings Park sports 230 acres of open space, smooth slopes, and difficult descents. This path is appreciated because it can be the perfect trail for riders of all abilities. 

Eling Park trails are well-maintained, offer stunning views of Santa Barbara and the neighboring Pacific Ocean, and host multiple cycling events throughout the year.  Eling Park is a great place to meet other cyclists as well because it’s grown into a hub for the Santa Barbara biking community.

Whichever trail you choose, always remember to practice safety first, respect the elements, and look out for yourself and other cyclists.