How a lawyer can build a stable audience of clients on social networks

Social media is a powerful tool for attracting an audience. By properly utilizing social media pages, a lawyer can attract a stream of clients right now and build a reputation as a specialist for the future.

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Instagram and YouTube accounts are the most relevant for a lawyer. Instagram allows you to attract an audience for free, amplifying the effect with advertising. Youtube works well for the future, building a specialist’s brand. Social networks continue to work to attract customers even while you sleep, spend time with loved ones or play eldorado slots. Therefore, you should pay attention to such a helpful tool.

Instagram: customer pains and informal communication

The most popular social network for building a loyal audience is Instagram. An exciting and informative blog brings to the specialist a stream of appeals and “word of mouth” recommendations.

It is also relevant for lawyers. Instagram can be used for such activities:

  • infographics, reminding clients of the stages of specific processes and dates of filing documents;
  • short (1-2 paragraphs) stories about how to behave when some legal issues arise, how to avoid them;
  • sessions of answering questions from subscribers.

Instagram is an ideal format for dosing information. The social network only allows you to publish short material. Therefore, you can always expect the info received to lead the client to a full-fledged consultation.

In selecting topics, it is better to refer to the issues customers address – the so-called “pains”. Short texts should meet the actual needs to not pass by the audience.

Instagram blogs often serve as a place of informal contact between the specialist and the audience. Excessive frankness for a lawyer can be harmful. You want to avoid showing clients you are singing karaoke or play casino eldo. However, videos of walks with your pet or photos of barbecues in the stories will allow subscribers to feel the specialist as a human being.

Youtube: a free lecture for potential clients

Youtube is an ideal format for a lawyer to promote their expertise. A video blog can be turned into a collection of mini-consultations explaining how a client should behave in various legal situations. 

The expert video blog format is suitable for professionals working in various areas of law. These include:

  • family law;
  • emigration;
  • legal support for small and medium-sized businesses;
  • criminal law, etc.

Of course, video consultations should deal with aspects the client can handle independently. Viewers should be led to the conclusion that it is worth involving a qualified lawyer in any situation requiring legal intervention.

It is desirable to make a content plan, gradually in several videos, to break down a particular topic for viewers. The case for consideration can be taken from analyzing client appeals and search queries on which visitors visit the lawyer’s website.

Video blog on Youtube has a significant advantage over other social networks. If you correctly spell the title, and keywords, divide the video into subsections – the block will continue to bring views for the entire period of its existence. Then posts in other social networks quickly fall out of the search – Youtube videos are perfectly indexed in Google regardless of the upload date.