How Does A Tattoo Numbing Cream Work?

This generation is a crazy fan of tattoos and art. Hence, this generation needs to know everything they can about tattoos and other products related to the art of tattooing. One such tattooing product which they should know about is a tattoo numbing cream

A tattoo numbing cream is a numbing cream for skin. But before we talk about a tattoo numbing cream it is important to know what a tattoo exactly is.

Meaning of a tattoo

We all have heard this term in our lives before. Just like a painting or drawing, tattooing is also a type of art. Generally, a tattoo is called an art of expression. This means that people get tattoos on different parts of their bodies to express themselves or their emotions.

A tattoo can be used as an expression of grief, pain, love, anger, happiness, gratefulness, or any other emotion that one feels strongly about something or someone. 

Tattooing is a fun and exciting process. But at the same time, this process is also very hard and painful. Not just that, if the correct tools and methods are not used, it might also result in skin diseases.

A tattoo is a permanent body modification. It means, once you get a permanent tattoo, it is almost impossible to remove it. Hence, one should think a lot before getting a particular tattoo.

A tattoo is created on the skin some superficial layers of skin. Thus, tattoos are a permanent thing. However, now there are temporary tattoos available as well. But these tattoos also last a minimum of 2-3 months.

Traditionally, tattoos were created on the skin using a different method. But now a modern tattoo machine is used for the process of tattooing. The traditional method was a lot more painful than the modern method of tattooing. However, the modern method is still a bit painful.

Thus, tattooing is not a new form of art. The history of tattooing goes way back to ancient times. Even then, a lot of people expressed or decorated themselves with different symbols and tattoos.

Since then, tattooing has evolved a lot. But one thing that did not change about this art is the pain. Even now for some people, the pain of getting tattooed is unbearable.

But there is a solution to this problem. The only solution for the pain of tattooing is a tattoo numbing cream. A tattoo numbing cream is a type of numbing cream for skin. 

When this cream is applied to the skin before getting a tattoo, it deactivates the active sensory cells present on the surface of our skin. Thus, these sensory cells are not able to send painful messages to the brain. Hence, after applying a tattoo numbing cream, one does not feel a lot of pain while getting tattooed.

Effectiveness of tattoo numbing creams

A tattoo numbing cream is not the only way of numbing the skin. There are different methods as well. However, a tattoo numbing cream is one of the safest and most effective ways of numbing the skin.

These creams can be used easily and comfortably. Plus, a tattoo numbing cream also helps in reducing the stress or anxiety of a person who is afraid of the pain they might feel during the process of tattooing.

Hence, for people who do not wish to feel pain while getting tattooed, a tattoo numbing cream with high levels of lidocaine is recommended.

Lidocaine is an ingredient that helps in numbing the skin. This ingredient is present in all numbing products. But one should look for a tattoo numbing cream that has a higher percentage of lidocaine.

It is because; will ensure that the numbing cream has higher effectiveness and the tattooing process is easy.

Hence, if you are still skeptical about does a tattoo numbing cream work, don’t be.

Working of a tattoo numbing cream

If you have had a tattoo before and have seen the effects of a tattoo numbing cream, you also must be curious to know how a tattoo numbing cream works. A lot of people have the same question as they are skeptical about the use of the cream.

A tattoo numbing cream comprises some active ingredients which are responsible for the numbing of skin. These ingredients are known as numbing agents. Some of them are nerve deadeners, nerve blockers, and vasoconstrictors.

A nerve deadener is the most popular numbing agent among the three numbing agents. A nerve deadener is present in almost all tattoo numbing creams. As the name says, the function of this numbing agent is to prevent all the nerve ends of our skin from receiving any painful signals. Thus, there is a temporary loss of sensation when nerve deadeners enter our skin.

However, a nerve deadener is only effective on the superficial layers of the skin. Thus, when a tattoo artist inserts the needle inside the deeper layers of the skin, one might feel some pain. But due to the nerve deadeners, the pain will not be felt in huge amounts.

A solution to this is some specific tattoo numbing creams. A few tattoo numbing creams are manufactured in a special way. Hence, these tattoo-numbing creams can go deeper into other layers of the skin. 

Thus, if one uses these tattoo numbing creams, a nerve deadener will be able to penetrate deep into the skin and increase the effectiveness of the numbing cream.

Similarly, nerve blockers also prevent painful signals to reach the brain. Tetracaine and benzocaine are the chemicals that are used as nerve blockers in some tattoo-numbing creams. However, this ingredient is not used much in tattoo numbing creams.

Another numbing agent is a vasoconstrictor. This numbing agent is the most powerful numbing agent. It is most effective in reducing the pain of tattooing. It reduces pain by constricting the blood vessels. Thus, it also helps in decreasing the swelling of the skin as well as bleeding.

However, it is important to make sure that this numbing agent does not get absorbed into the skin too quickly. It is because this numbing agent is as dangerous as it is effective.