How to export WooCommerce orders with ease

We all know that running any business requires effort. Lots of sacrifices, investments, and more can never predict success. You are flying high today, and you can be at the bottom tomorrow. Such is the story with online stores. Still, WordPress seems to be our savior in many situations. So a couple of years ago, a new plugin was made that makes it easy to sell – WooCommerce. It is a free WordPress plugin that turns a site into an online store. Today, WooCommerce is very popular. It allows users to run their online stores, develop faster, and keep their relationships with customers at the top.

WooCommerce offers many good options that will make your work around orders easier. To make this issue your past, we presented you with a phenomenal solution – the WooCommerce Order Export plugin. 

WooCommerce Order Export

How to install the WooCommerce Order Export plugin?

WooCommerce Order Export is easy to use and, therefore, also easy to install. The first step is to click on Plugins and then Add New. Then click Upload. You will see a downloaded ZIP file that you need to install and activate. With WooCommerce Order Export, you can export files most easily. After installing this plugin, click the WooCommerce tab on your WordPress page. To be ready to export your orders, click on Order Export +, and that is it. It was not hard, was it?

Date Ranges

On the main page of this plugin, you will encounter the Date Ranges feature, which will surely make your business life easier. Date Ranges allow you to select an export date range for the orders you will include. This option is very flexible. It also offers the ability to choose how the data will be exported, date sort, date format, date dial, file name, etc.

Export new orders only

This function remembers exported orders and selects new ones. So you can export orders that have not already been exported.


You can use order filters, coupon filters, and product filters. You can select multiple filters or as many as you need.

Fields to Export

This feature offers you options. With those options, you can select the desired fields. But that is not all the magic. All functions are drag and drop. That means that you can more easily choose some fields you want to export with a specific resolution.

Using the Preview button option, you can get a list of your first 25 records made based on your filters. It is a one-click that will save you a lot of time. And also nerves.

The great Settings feature will allow you to schedule planned exports. And it also has a log of your planned exports. Your log has been saved, and there you can see parameters, export records, etc. 

Scheduled Export is the best option this plugin has. You can see planned exports, check or modify them, add new jobs, etc. First, add a new job and set the desired parameters. Then you can add exports with the title. The number of exports is not limited. Later, you are offered several new options, such as choosing the way of delivery, frequency, etc. What is practical for the company is obtaining export data, which can be functional for many purposes. 


If you have already decided to run a web store, we know that any relief will help you. The WooCommerce Order Export plugin is your best decision and an excellent path to success. Flexibility, modification, relief, and saving time. All in one place. It has never been easier to be more successful than today because you have the WooCommerce Order Export plugin. The foundation is given to you – the rest is up to you.