Investment opportunities for Indian in Turkey

Turkey is always a popular destination due to its geographical location and the hospitality. These attributes make Turkey a major location for foreign and local investors in various sectors, including tourism as well as real estate. This has led to increased interest from investors. There is an easy procedure of getting a turkey visa for Indians when they plan to invest in Turkey. According to data published from Turkey’s Central Bank of Turkey, the economy of Turkey has been one of the most rapid to recover from the pandemic. Inflows of FDI into Turkey totaled $14.1 billion by 2021. This was an increase of 80.7 percent. The total FDI flows into Turkey from 2003 through 2021 totaled $239 billion. Let’s find out if Turkey is open for Indian tourists.

Does Turkey Require a Visa Upon the Arrival into Turkey to Indian Citizens?

It is true that Indian travelers who are in possession of a valid visa residence permit issued by Schengen, US, UK and Ireland are eligible to apply for a turkey visa for Indians, which is available on the internet in only a few seconds. The cost of the similar visa amount is $ 43 (approx $3150).

You might be wondering, is turkey open for Indian tourists? Yes it is but, Indians citizens who don’t have valid residence permits or visas from these countries will need to apply for Turkish sticker visas with the one-time fee of about 4280 rupees (there is an additional fee of Rs. 4,201 imposed by the service provider for visas).

Turkey Tourist Visa for Indians Citizens Cost:

The cost of a turkey visa for indians will depend on the type of visa that you’re applying for. One-entry Turkey visa cost to an Indian citizen is about Rs 4,280, while a multiple-entry tourist visa to an Indian citizen costs around 13.550 (there is an additional fee of Rs. 4,201 charged by the service provider for visas).

Documents required to apply for Turkey Tourist Visas issued from India:

In order to apply for a visa for travelling to turkey from india you will require the required documents:

  • A valid passport. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months after the date you made your entry into Turkey to get a turkey visa for indians.
  • The proof of confirmation of hotel reservation, flight reservations and your travel plan for the entire duration of your stay Turkey.
  • A photocopy of your completed turkey visa for indian application form.
  • Copy of your confirmation flight tickets for both directions Turkey.
  • The proof of your financial situation to help you financially during your time in Turkey as well as for your return transportation. Turkey is a country that requires its visitors to possess at least fifty dollars (INR 3,178.72) each day to stay in Turkey.
  • A report of your financial condition from your banking institution for the past six months
  • You have to show evidence of possessing a Police Clearance Certificate or PPC. If you’ve traveled within countries like the United Kingdom, the United States of America or any other Schengen country and you are not a Schengen member, then PPC is not required.

Turkish Citizenship through Investment: An opportunity to be golden for Indians:

Turkey launched a citizenship by investment program in the year 2016. Through real estate purchases or capital transfer or the creation of jobs, you could be eligible to obtain the Turkish passport. Real estate investment is the most well-known route in Turkish citizenship by investment. It’s also the most affordable option: If you purchase the property at an amount less than $250,000, both you and the family will be able to obtain Turkish citizenship.

Conclusion:Turkey is a stunning and unique nation that is full of heritage of culture, heritage, and tradition. However, that’s not the only aspect for which the country is recognized. Turkey has a wide range of investment options to investors around the world. There are numerous other advantages when you consider investing in Turkish land. This is why the government provides many facilities to the people that apply for the visa for Turkey from India for business purposes. In addition you should always examine the different investment options that are available to pick the one that best suits your preferences and needs.