Overview of the Indian Online Casino Stocks and Industry Changes

The online gambling industry in India is making progress day by day. People within the country have become interested in online casinos for multiple reasons. First of all, the laws in India are specific. In most regions, land-based gambling is illegal. Apart from that, many gambling streamers have influenced their way of thinking. Today, many people consider gambling an amazing source of fun. 

The question most people have now is whether the same trend will continue in the future. It is hard to precisely determine how long the value of online casino stocks and the entire industry will grow. But it is also possible to make certain predictions by analyzing the entire market. 

On this page, we will try to give many useful pieces of information. That way, people will understand that the potential growth of this industry is outstanding. Let’s go! 

The Market Size and Growth Potential of Online Casinos and the Gambling Industry

Let’s start from the very beginning. Best online casinos for Indian players have properly analyzed what residents of this country expect. Those analyses have ensured that the industry’s market size has started to grow tremendously. However, those improvements are not yet at the highest level, which doesn’t mean the growth potential is bad. 

Studies confirm that the projected market value of the total revenue of the iGaming online casino industry will be around $49 million until 2027. However, we will give ourselves the right to say we are even more optimistic. 

Gambling has become a main source of entertainment for many individuals. The growth has become even more noticeable during the pandemic when most people spent time at home. Also, the middle class in India, which is mostly gambling online, has experienced a rising disposable income. The new economic reforms aim to ensure that the biggest part of society is in the middle class. That only confirms people will have even more chances to enjoy this wonderful and entertaining hobby. 

Regulatory Environment 

You all know that the gambling laws in India have been specific and strict. In most regions of the country, offline gambling is completely illegal. On the other hand, online gambling has often been considered a grey zone. Everything started with the Public Gaming Act of 1867. However, in that period, the internet didn’t exist, which is why online gambling hasn’t been mentioned in any law acts. 

Certain regulations were somehow applicable, but they were pretty unclear. Another act developed after that was the Technology Act of 2000. But, that law aimed to control people’s online activities and nothing else. Online gambling was not its’ main focus. 

A lot of things have happened in the meantime. Tamil Nadu and Karnataka states even banned online gambling completely. However, the High Court neglected the prohibition amendments after that. 

So, why would someone invest in the online gambling market if the market itself is unregulated? We got a recent explanation from the Ministry of Electronics and IT. He said that the regulations for online gambling do exist, but they need to be reviewed by experts in this industry. 

All the details haven’t been exposed so far. But we know the government wants to use the same practices as other countries. That means a regulatory body created by the government will issue the licenses only to safe and reliable companies. 

Also, the responsible authorities within the country require that responsible gambling promotion becomes mandatory for every operator. That means the casino operators need to explain to people how to practice responsible gambling. Also, they will have to teach people how to properly organize their finances, recognize symptoms of addiction and understand who can help them find solutions to those problems. 

Keep in mind these were just some of the details of the first draft of the new Act. We are yet to see how everything will look. However, we are pretty sure nothing opposite from everything mentioned will happen. On the contrary, these are requirements that all governments around the globe prepared for online gambling operators. But that great news is also one of the reasons why more and more online casinos plan to offer their services here. 

Other Good Facts for the Online Gambling Industry

Law changes that will soon become valid (we do not know the precise date) are definitely one of the reasons why more online operators are investing in India’s gambling market. However, some good things can attract people. One of them is the increasing number of active internet users in India. Believe it or not, experts believe there will be 900 million active internet users in India by 2025. 

Another fact worth mentioning is that the number of active mobile users in India is currently 1.2 billion, while ½ of them are using smartphones. Casino operators understand how huge this market is. That’s why many are only waiting to see how the new regulations will look to start with investments! 

Biggest Traded Online Casino Stocks in India 

Before we end this article, we would like to discuss the biggest traded online casino stocks in India. Delta Corp Ltd is one of the biggest players, with a current stock price of around 188 IRN. Today, when we are writing this article, the value of the stocks jumped by 4%. The increasing value has been noticeable in the last few weeks, and we believe the trend will continue. 

Also, Nazara Technologies LTD is experiencing huge popularity and value growth in the last couple of months. The current prize of one stock is around 520 INR. The prize jumped by more than 14% in the last five days. 

Last but not least, online casino stocks worth mentioning are Sugal & Damani. The value of one stock here is nearly 15 INR. But it is noticeable that the share price of Sugal and Damani has not been turbulent in the last few weeks. That may be a good option for investors that are not willing to risk a lot. 

Final Thought 

We do understand a lot of information can sometimes confuse people. But we had to share some interesting facts about online casino stocks and the entire gambling industry with you. That way, you can conclude on your own whether this industry has the potential to grow. We are optimistic and believe the Indian gambling market will explode in the next few years.