Recovering Data from USB Drives: The Ultimate How-to Guide

Part I: USB Data Loss Causes

Part II: Wondershare Recoverit – The Ultimate USB Data Recovery Software 

Part III: Helpful Tips 

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USB drives changed the game when they arrived. Prior to that, we used CDs and floppy disks, both prone to damage and had to be kept like a baby. Here are USB drives, you can practically throw them in the bag and go. You can keep them in your pockets, hang them around your neck, it’s wicked just how sturdy these things are. But data loss does not happen due to damage alone. Data loss usually happens due to a human oversight or something like a virus or system corruption, etc. When you want a flash drive recovery tool, this is the guide you should read.

Part I: USB Data Loss Causes

Before you go about USB data recovery you should know what causes USB data loss, so that you can avoid such situations in the future.

User Errors

At work, we are often pressed for time and are usually in a hurry. When using USB drives, we transfer the data and pull the stick out and go our way. That is a common cause of data loss. Incomplete transfers are another reason where for some reason a user did not realize that the files were not transferred in full and removed the USB drive. That would almost always result in file corruption.

Hardware Issues

Sometimes, hardware just fails. There is no other way around it, you can only care for it so much. Hardware can fail unexpectedly.

Other Causes

A loose connection or a virus or malware are other causes that can cause data loss in USB drives. A loose connection could cause incomplete data transfer. A virus would anyway corrupt the file. System crash, file explorer crash during transfer, these are other causes that would likely result in USB data loss.

Part II: Wondershare Recoverit – The Ultimate USB Data Recovery Software

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Your search for the complete data recovery tool ends with Wondershare Recoverit. This is a data recovery tool that recovers data lost under any scenario from any storage media. It is as hassle-free as it comes.

Wondershare Recoverit is a highly-rated data recovery software from the stables of Wondershare, a company that has been around for nearly 30 years and produces quality software products that benefit millions of customers around the world.

Top Features You Will Like

– Recover data in three simple steps.

– Recover data from any storage media.

– Recover data regardless of how it was lost.

– Very high data recovery success rate.

– Native apps for Windows and macOS.

USB Drive Recovery In 3 Steps

Follow these three steps to recover data from USB drive:

Step 1: Select the USB drive.

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Automatic scan will initiate, and the recoverable contents will be shown soon.

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At the bottom-left are options to stop or pause the scan along with the scan progress percentage displayed in large type, and the files found. 

Step 2: When the scan is complete, you can use the search box or the filters to narrow down on the content you want to recover. Select the contents by ticking the checkbox beside them and click Recover.

Step 3: Choose the save location and click Recover. It’s that easy!


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Wondershare provides a file previewing function so that users can see what they are recovering before they recover it. This saves time and efforts. 

Part III: Helpful Tips

Data loss is something that can happen anytime, anywhere and to anyone. The only thing we can do is prepare for it and take precautions. A little help never hurts, so here are tips to help avoid data loss where you can help it.

Tip 1: How To Correctly Use USB Drives

This might look insulting, seeing as you have been using USB drives for ages, but there really is a correct way of using USB drives that you might find insightful. 

– Always keep the flash drive in a cool and dry place away from humidity and heat to avoid hardware damage.

– Always eject the USB drive using the OS menus before pulling it out.

Tip 2: How To Avoid Data Loss

If you use your USB drive to transfer data from one system to another, you can take this precaution to make sure you do not suffer data loss.

– After copying data to the USB drive, do not delete the data from source disk until the data is copied to the other system safely. Even so, having a copy of your data is never a bad thing.

Closing Words

When data loss happens, you do not want to panic and do something you might regret later. What you need is a trusted data recovery expert software that is proven to recover data reliably. Built by a team of seasoned data recovery experts with 20 years of experience under their belt and 25 patents to prove their mettle, Wondershare Recoverit is about the best data recovery software you will find on the internet today. It is easy to use, works fast, recovers data from any storage media and under any data loss scenario, comes with powerful filters and search functionality, and is affordable to boot. What’s not to love? Download Recoverit and give it a try.

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