Top 7 Android Scanner Apps for 2022

Published on: 19/April/2022

The world is shifting towards digitization and paperless documents to contribute to preserving resources and helping to protect the environmental footprint. In addition, the trend toward a hybrid and remote work environments post pandemic has dramatically made more reliance on technology for online work productivity.

One of these online productivity tools enhancer is Scanning Apps for sharing and scanning documents efficiently and quickly using your mobile phones. It is no longer necessary to own huge, large and costly scanners for scanning receipts, documents and merge pdf that are no more. You can do this using Smartphone devices, which are a low-cost alternative with nearly identical output and scan quality.

Since the vast majority of phones sport cameras that are excellent and capable of capturing high-quality images, you can scan documents at a high-quality with one of the best scan applications for documents listed below. Additionally scanning PDFs with your phone is much more efficient than scanning documents with a desktop scanner. Mobile scanning applications save time and are portable , which can be accessible from anywhere and at any time.

The advantages of having an established Android scanner app is that it lets you access your documents from cloud storage, and comes with powerful editing tools and those that come with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) support. After analyzing and evaluating different Android scanning apps and scanning applications, we’ve narrowed them down to the top 10 document scanning apps for Android in 2022, on the basis of ease of use, accessibility, and the presence of features that are powerful.

  1. QuickScan Document Scanning App

QuickScan, an on-the-go best document scanning app is a complete mobile scanning app like privnote that permits scanning of documents, receipts, invoices, bills, identity cards, etc while saving in various formats like PDF, JPEG. It is a lightweight, super-fast application that can scan documents immediately. It also allows cloud storage, too.

Scanning functions are effective but also easy to use. The PDF scanner application can be used in multiple languages and is seamless across English, German, French, Hindi, and so on. The document scanner comes with incredible editing options, including annotation, OCR PDF to text conversion, background filters crop, and border adjustments options.


  • It is simple to use by making sure to point the document towards the camera.
  • Automatic mode for capturing PDFs.
  • Different share options available via Social media, email messages, or the cloud to get instant access.
  • Protection of passwords and PINs to protect your documents and ensure security and.


  • The premium features require a subscription however charges are minimal and users can sign up either monthly or every quarter.
  1. Adobe Scan

This is by far the most popular application on the Play Store. It allows you to scan documents, notes and receipts, as well as documents, and convert them to PDF files. It’s easy and straightforward to use. Once you have pointed the camera on your smartphone at the document you’d like to take a picture of it will scan and detect the document.

In addition, it has OCR that lets you reuse the content you’ve scanned..Furthermore, the software for document scanning allows you to send your scans via email, and then transfer them into the cloud. The end result is that Adobe Scan covers almost all the features you need.


  • OCR in addition to cloud storage features
  • The application is totally free.
  • Auto-capture feature.
  • It’s a bit surprising that there aren’t any ads , given it’s free.


  • It is required to sign up. This isn’t a lot since it’s a one-time process, but it’s essential prior to using the application.
  1. Clear Scan

Clear Scan for Android effortlessly scans any document or images you’ve taken with your phone. It can convert documents as well as images that you’ve scan into PDF as well as JPEG format. This scanner app for Android is lightweight and offers rapid processing.

Print images or documents you’ve scanned using Cloud Print. The scanner app is completely free and includes various editing options designed for professionals following the saving of the pictures to the gallery.

In addition, you can save multiple pages within one document, alter the sequence of pages and change the size of pages within PDF, and much more.


  • Very simple to make use of
  • Very light weight mobile scanner
  • Small size applications


  • The app has too many advertisements.
  1. Office Lens

Microsoft has proven to be a significant player in documents through its unique Office suite that is the most efficient suite of software that allows you to create as well as edit files online.

Before Android was able to achieve the status as the most used operating system in the world, Microsoft has expanded its wings to Android and created various applications for Android. As a result, Microsoft Office Lens turned into the most sought-after Android scanning application with over 10 million downloads available on the Play Store.

It offers everything that customers are looking to find in a software application to scan documents that are mobile. It also comes with a variety of cloud storage options, including OneNote, OneNote, or OneDrive. OneDrive. It is now equipped with OCR scanning and the ability to extract information from different kinds of documents has become an easy job.


  • The app’s functionality is free of any ads.
  • Storage in cloud and OCR are cloud storage options.
  • Good UI
  • Presets are available for each kind of document.


  • The application may have problems with processing speed and scanning.
  1. CamScanner

I’m sure each one of us has been exposed to the name of Cam Scanner at some point in our time up to now. Cam Scanner is an old app that was available in the Play Store since the time of the Android launch. Being a veteran in the field, it has been through a variety of challenges.

It’s installed on over 3 million devices in 200 countries around the world It has also been featured on a range of magazines. Don’t boast! It uses a unique algorithm to precisely detect and crop the images that are scanned. It also has an OCR feature that lets users read and extract text from documents.

Scanning, printing, exporting and printing are simple. The sync feature permits users to access their documents across various platforms. They can also secure their documents using passwords to guard against any unauthorized access, while also sharing them on platforms that are accessible to all users.


  • User-Friendly UX
  • OCR Features
  • Users can make use of Digital Signature Features


  • The exported PDF documents have an image of a watermark from a camera.
  • You will need to buy an annual premium membership.
  • Malware Attack controversy
  1. Tiny Scanner

Tiny Scanner can be described as a trusted scan application for Android users. It has many of the typical features. It isn’t necessary to sign up to the app before we start using the application from the beginning. We can scan receipts, documents, documents, reports, reports or any other type of document as well as save these documents in PDF format..

The Android scanner app works with all cloud providers. It allows you to print images you require in just a few minutes. It also comes with automatic edge detection, which will assist in preventing image distortion by straightening the edges. The application comes with five levels of brightness and a simple search feature by using the title of the document, and password protection for documents that are important as well as other features. Small Scanner is ad-supported and comes with an in-app feature.

It’s incredibly simple to use and you can use it by two methods. You can examine it using the camera or choose the image you have already saved on the device.

By using the camera, you’ll be asked to choose whether you wish to turn the glimmer switched on or off. You can alter the size of your page appearance.

You also have full control over yield. There are a variety of (dark white, light as well as grayscale) yields that you can browse. You can also alter the amount of difference by choosing the options that are shown in complete agreement.

Once you’re finished you can Save. Then, you will be provided with the option of sharing.

It supports different cloud-based cloud-based platforms like OneDrive, Evernote, and Dropbox. They are however, as it might, accessible only to Pro users.

All PDF documents created by the application can be viewed via the program’s interface. It is possible to think they’re under TinyScan > Documents, or simply open them using the record adventurer.


  • The application has been designed to optimize to allow for speedy work.
  • The user can scan the document in grayscale as well as black and white and in color.
  • Cloud services supported.


  • The app has too many advertisements.
  1. Tap Scanner

Another great application for scanning or printing and managing PDF documents is TapScanner. This application, widely used by over 50 million users, allows you to scan any file you’d like with just one click, and then save the PDF document. It also can detect the paper’s borders and crop and upload images. If the image needs lighting or color correction, it can be done with TapScanner by doing a couple of easy steps.

Its features include the capability to use cloud storage and backup documents which are scanned. In addition, if you log into your account using this program, you’ll be able to include additional options to your files.


  • It is compatible with Google Drive.
  • Built-in QR code scanner.


  • The features are limited for free.
  • A lot of ads-related applications.