Top Tips For Moving House With A Cat 

Moving home can be a stressful process, but it’s important that you consider the impact that it can have on your cat. You need to prioritize your cat’s well-being throughout the move so you can help your pet feel safe and allow it to quickly settle into its new home. It’s not always clear how to do this, especially as cats can be unpredictable! 

With this in mind, this article will offer a few tips for moving with a cat that should be useful and help you to get your feline friend settled in your new home.

Arrange Cat Transport Specialists

First, you need to plan for the physical move. It’s not always easy when you have all your possessions to transport your cat and make it feel comfortable, so a good solution is to use a cat transport specialist. There are companies that will be able to make your cat feel comfortable and safe during the move, which can make the process easier for everyone. You can compare cat transport options online, which will help you to find the best company in your area. This can also help to keep your moving costs down too.

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Set Up A Safe Space

A new home can be daunting for a cat, especially when it’s filled with boxes and people are coming and going. Therefore, it’s important that you have a safe space in a quiet area set up for your cat when it arrives at your new home. 

Maintain Their Routine

Cats are creatures of habit, so you should try to maintain their routine as best you can during the move. This can include feeding them at the same time, playing with them at the same time, and having their setup similar to how it was in the new home (such as having their feeding bowls in a similar area and in the same order). 

Allow Them To Explore

You also need to allow your cat to explore their new home so that they can familiarize themselves and feel settled. You should allow them to explore at their own pace and make sure that there are quiet areas throughout the home for them to rest and get settled. 

Secure The New Home

It’s also a good idea to keep your cat inside for a few weeks at first so they don’t get lost outside. You should ensure that your home is secured so they don’t escape and then set up a safe area for them outside in the garden if you have one. 

Update Their Info

Finally, you need to update their info. You should update their collar tag and microchip with your new address and change any other important information, such as the address of their vet. If your cat usually spends time outside and exploring, you could use a leash to safely familiarize them with the area.

It will always take some time for a cat to settle into a new home, but the advice in this post should help and hopefully make the process easier for everyone.