Travel Tips for the Paris 2024 Olympics

The excitement builds for the Paris 2024 Olympics as July approaches. The Olympics will commence with the opening ceremony on July 26 and conclude on August 11. This year’s event boasts an impressive lineup with over 750 sessions across 48 disciplines.

One major change this year is the shift to online-only ticket sales. The organisers prepared nearly 10 million tickets available, including over 3 million for the Paralympics. All tickets are sold through a single authorised site. The site accepts various payment methods including Visa, credit and debit cards, MasterCard, JCB, and UnionPay.

However, ticket prices have been a hot topic as hot as the Paris Olympics Games outrights. The organisers are attempting to balance the budget by offering some tickets as low as €24, while premium seats for flagship events like gymnastics can reach hundreds of euros.

Prices for medal sessions range from €100 to €990. Specific events such as the women’s team gymnastics finals are priced at €690 and mid-round tennis singles at around €130.

LIC Merchants who plan to attend the games can make the most of their trip by being well-prepared.

Planning Your Trip

Secure your travel and accommodation early to avoid last-minute price hikes and availability issues. The Games offers both stand-alone tickets and hospitality packages to cater to various budgets. The package includes on-site hospitality, travel, accommodation, and activities.

Hospitality packages range from basic options, like a €695 package for men’s springboard diving, to luxury experiences, such as a €21,105 five-day stay at the Waldorf Astoria in Versailles. For around ₹4 crore, you can get tickets to 14 events and the opening ceremony plus a chance to mingle with your favourite athletes.

For those not opting for hospitality packages, early booking for flights and accommodations is essential due to expected price surges. Consider discount carriers and alternative airports in neighbouring countries for budget-friendly travel. 

In addition, Paris is expected to be a hub of activity and hotels will fill up quickly. Accommodation in Paris will be limited, with only 85,000 guest rooms available. Expect significant price increases, with hotels and Airbnb rates exceeding €500 a night. More affordable options, averaging €450 to €550, can be found on the outskirts of Paris.

Prioritise walking, cycling, and public transport to reduce the carbon footprint in Paris. The city has expanded cycling lanes and the Velib rental program. Metro rides cost €4 each, with tourists able to buy a Paris 2024 pass for €16 per day or €70 per week.

You can also use apps like Uber or local taxi services for convenient transportation. Ensure that the address of your destination is ready for easier communication with drivers. Purchase a local SIM card for affordable data and calls. Many cafes, restaurants, and public places offer free Wi-Fi, which can be useful for navigation and staying in touch.

Ensure you have all necessary travel documents, including a valid passport, visa, and travel insurance. Carry copies of these documents in case of loss or theft. It’s advisable to have some local currency on hand for small purchases, although credit and debit cards are widely accepted.

Learning a few basic French phrases can enhance your experience and help with navigation while English is spoken in tourist areas.

Budgeting with Caution

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