Tumbler.io Launches to Re-Enable BTC Privacy, Preventing the Failure of Crypto Adoption

Bitcoin, by its nature, is not private. Anyone can see the transactions sent and received by a public key in the ledger. This means if someone is linked to their public key, for example, by buying it on a KYC-ed exchange and withdrawing it to their wallet, then it can be traced. The same principle applies to asking someone for BTC in exchange for services – the moment they have your address, they’ll know it’s you.

As Bitcoin adoption grows, will that mean we no longer have privacy over any transactions? As crypto integrates ever more tightly into our society, an uncomfortable truth emerges. They are, mostly, traceable and public by design – it’s what makes blockchain so powerful. Yet giving up liberty and privacy for a little security seldom ends well.

The Essential Right to Privacy

Crypto as a public ledger for most social needs works great – but citizens still need btc privacy. It’s ironic, early crypto-anarchists were staunchly libertarian, and Bitcoin was a powerful way to seize their money back, its pseudo-anonymous nature perfect for the task.

Yet now, with crypto gone mainstream, staying anonymous is hard, your entire net worth on public display. Just as you don’t want to show everyone the entire contents of your bank account every time you buy a sandwich, so you don’t want to show everyone how much Bitcoin you have every time you make a transaction.

Tumbler.io to Help Investors Keep Their Wealth to Themselves

Bitcoin mixer Tumbler.io offers a way for crypto to continue to be adopted while maintaining the core sanctity of privacy in transactions while retaining its unique, decentralised, peer-to-peer nature. There are some currencies, like Zcash and Monero, which use ZKproofs, which have enhanced privacy, preventing any unsavoury tracking attempts and incursions into one’s personal life. Yet switching to these currencies is cumbersome for most users. Many have Bitcoin, and naturally want to keep it granted that it’s the most widely accepted, and most likely for most parties to want to use when performing a transaction.

By using Tumbler.io, citizens can ensure their privacy and use Bitcoin for transactions without having to reveal their entire holdings. VIP customers, when making large purchases like supercars, villas, and other hyper-luxury items, have a safe, secure transactional method that doesn’t require disclosure, while gamers paying for in-game content don’t need to have their real identity connected.

Keep It To Yourself

Maintaining this sacrosanct need for privacy will be a growing challenge to crypto adoption. Yes, a bank account is public, but only if it has to be. Your crypto wallet, if connected to you, is theoretically public to anyone. Bitcoin will become the de facto global digital asset, but you don’t show off all the gold you have when walking down the street. Tumbler.io therefore provides a safe, inexpensive way to reclaim your privacy and enjoy exploring the endless horizon of Web3. It is recommended to use the services of the bitcoin mixer Tumbler.io with an increased level of privacy through a tor-mirror: http://tumbler222jbg3jjkr7zezg4xp6q3fmbqpjlk5cy4kqxvh5xfmxgosyd.onion/

Clearnet: https://tumbler.io/