Understanding the Odds: A Beginner’s Guide to Kabaddi Betting

Kabaddi has been gaining immense popularity in recent years, both as a sport and as a platform for betting. As with any sport, understanding the odds is essential for successful betting. However, for those who are new to the world of kabaddi betting, it can be overwhelming to decipher the different odds and strategies. This beginner’s guide aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the basics of kabaddi betting, including understanding the odds and different betting strategies.

Understanding the Basics of Odds:

Understanding the odds is crucial for betting success, and kabaddi betting is no exception. Kabaddi betting odds are expressed in decimal format, indicating the probability of a specific event happening. The lower the decimal odds, the higher the likelihood of the event occurring.

For instance, if the odds are 1.50, it means that there is a 66.67% chance of the event happening. On the other hand, if the odds are 3.00, it means that there is a 33.33% chance of the event taking place.

Types of Kabaddi Bets:

Kabaddi offers a wide range of bets to choose from. The most common types of kabaddi bets include:

a) Outrights – These are bets placed on the right winner of the kabaddi tournament.

b) Handicap – These are bets placed on the underdog team where the bookmaker gives a head start to level the playing field.

c) Totals – Also known as Over/Under betting, these bets are placed on whether the total score of both teams would be over or under the bookmaker’s provided line.

d) Live betting – This type of betting allows the bettor to place bets while the match is in progress, taking advantage of moment’s happenings.

Betting Strategies in Kabaddi:

Strategies are essential in kabaddi betting. Though there is no definite formula to ensure a win in every bet, there are a few strategies that could increase one’s chances of winning. These strategies include:

a) Analysing Form – By studying a team’s recent matches and form, you could assess their strengths and weaknesses. This would ensure that the bettor places their money on the team with a better chance of winning.

b) Home Advantage – Home-court advantage can play a significant role in the outcome of the game. Local teams usually have an edge over visiting teams, especially in large stadiums.

c) Research on Individual Player – Betting on a team with a good player also ensures a greater probability of winning. Hence, research on the players’ form and motivation level is crucial before placing bets.

Kabaddi is a fast-paced and skillful contact game that is rapidly gaining popularity among sports fans worldwide. It is a team-based sport that originated in India and is played on a rectangular court. Betting on Kabaddi has become a favorite pastime for many fans, allowing them to magnify the excitement of the game.

If you’re new to Kabaddi and its betting world, it can seem overwhelming to understand the odds and get started. In this beginner’s guide, we will break down everything you need to know about Kabaddi betting, including how odds work, different types of bets, and tips for maximizing your winnings.

What are Odds in Kabaddi Betting?

Odds are a crucial factor in the Kabaddi betting world. They represent the likelihood of a particular team winning or a particular player performing well during a match. In simple terms, odds tell you how much money you can expect to receive if you place a winning bet.

Odds come in different formats, including decimal, fractional, and American. However, decimal odds are the most popular in Kabaddi betting. They show you the total amount that you’ll receive back, including your original stake.

Types of Bets in Kabaddi Betting

There are various types of bets that you can place in Kabaddi betting. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Match Winner: This is a straightforward bet where you place your wager on the team that you think will win the match.

Handicap Betting: This is where a team is given a handicap to level the playing field. For example, one team may be given a +7 handicap, which means that they need to lose by no more than seven points for your bet to be successful.

Outright Betting: Here, you place a bet on the team that you believe will win the overall championship of the league.

First Half Winner: This is where you place your bet on the team that you think will be winning at halftime.

Tips for Maximizing Your Winnings

While Kabaddi betting is mostly based on luck, there are some strategies you can use to increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips to help you maximize your winnings:

Do Your Research: Learn about the teams and players competing and try to identify patterns in their gameplay. You can also read up on the latest news and team updates to stay informed.

Manage Your Bankroll: One of the golden rules of betting is to only bet what you can afford to lose. Set aside a specific amount of money for betting, and never exceed it.

Shop for the Best Odds: Different bookmakers offer different odds, so it’s best to shop around and compare prices to get the best value for your bets.


Kabaddi betting is a thrilling and rewarding experience. However, it is vital to understand the odds and different bets available before placing any bets. This beginner’s guide provides a comprehensive overview of the basics of kabaddi betting and should aid first-timers gain meaningful insight into the world of kabaddi betting. By practising the different strategies and identifying reliable bookmakers, bettors can increase their likelihood of success in kabaddi betting.

Kabaddi betting is a thrilling way to experience the game and increase the excitement of every match. Understanding odds, types of bets, and tips for maximizing your winnings can help you place successful bets.

Remember, betting on Kabaddi is mostly based on luck, so you should always bet responsibly and within your means. However, with the tips and strategies discussed in this guide, you can bet smarter and enjoy Kabaddi betting to the fullest!