Where To Live After Retirement Village Or City? Know More

best retirement plans

Thinking of retirement at a young age and making preparations to retire with sound financial back up is a good thing to do. Only a person who plans his retirement from a young age could find himself ready to retire when he becomes old. However, while making your retirement plans, have you taken into consideration where you want to retire? Do you like to retire to a foreign country, or some big city or back to your home town or village?

The choices are varied and depend on your likes, how much you have saved to live there, and the cost of living at that place so, without wasting time lets move to our today topic, 

Where To Retire For Living Good Life

Living in a Foreign Land: You can always migrate to a foreign land and live out your retired life in some exotic land that is new and exciting for you. The excitement of being in a foreign land is always interesting. You get ample time to explore the land, learn the new culture, language, and many other things. All this would help you become active in your later life.

People prefer to retire in developed countries, where the standard of living is high, good infrastructure, and high-quality medical facilities. However, only the super-rich could afford such a life.

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If you still have a dream place to retire outside the country, you can save more from a very young age. Anyway, as the saying goes, nothing is impossible.

Retiring to a Metro: Some people just don’t want to leave the bustle of city life. The noise of traffic, people, hurriedly making their way to the office, etc., makes them feel alive and energized. For them, retired life in a city is the best option. You need not go to a foreign land for good infrastructure and medical help. These facilities can be obtained in big metros like Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, etc.

best retirement plans
best retirement plans

However, the cost of living in these metro cities are higher with high rent price, high transportation, and food cost, etc. Anyway, you could still enjoy the excitement of meeting people, engaging in new hobbies, and even starting up a new enterprise.

Retiring to Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities: If the costs of living in big Metros is more than you can afford and you still love to live in a city, then consider retiring to emerging Tier 2 and tier 3 cities in India. These cities cannot be considered a metro compared to Delhi or Mumbai, yet they provide most of the big cities’ facilities. Moreover, the cost is relatively less, and you could live comfortably with retirement savings.

Though you might not find avenues to many pastimes in these cities, you could at least learn new hobbies that can be practiced here. The infrastructure in most of these cities is poor, and you cannot get all the goods and services you get in a big city.

Retiring to a Village: Indian villages provide something that most of these cities fail to give: Peace and tranquility. If your heart is inclined to let go of the stress and connect with your inner self at the prime of age, it is better to retire to a beautiful Indian village. Here, it is possible to live a spiritual and serene life far from city life’s madding crowds.

However, the infrastructure is very poor, and in most places, it isn’t very important. The same is true with every other facility that you receive in a big city. The village provides a different charm and ‘facility’ that only those who really love can only find.

There are some people who want to live their last part of life in service and humanity. For them, doing their bit in a village where even the Gods seem to have forgotten is more relinquishing than life in some foreign countries.

Whatever the reason, the choices lay in front of you. However, when you start to work towards your retirement fund, make sure to factor in the place that you wish to retire to.

Benefits Of Living In Village

  1. Better Place To Live A Piece Full Life. 
  2. Villages Are Calm, And It Is Best To Stay There In Your Last Period Of Time. 
  3. Less Living Expenses And Higher Chances To Live Happy Life. 
  4. Best To Stay In Village And Stay Away From Pollution. 
  5. You Can Be To Walk Village Paths Without Any Noises Of Cars, Bikes. 

When we read about the benefits of the village, there are also other points that you can take care to live in a village so without wasting time let’s know the benefits of living in city area after retirement.

Benefits Of Living In City After Retirement

  1. You Will Find All Shops Near Your House.
  2. You Can Also Go For Morning Walk In Park.
  3. Many Hospitals, Pubs, Schools, Colleges Will Be Near To Your House.
  4. Living In City Will Be Best For Old Age People.
  5. Many Faculities Are Avilable In City For Old Age People.

As we see the benefits of living in the city, we have not covered the disadvantages of living in the city or villages, but it is best to live in the village for a happy and peaceful life.

Final Words

There are many other places to live after retirement that are best for old age people but you should also maintain your financial cost for living in village or city because all expenses will be higher than living it village.

So you should always make a proper plan to stay after your job retirement and last years of your life in a peaceful life without any pollution and gasses which are not good for old age person.

If you think this topic is helpful for you and gave you a quick idea to live a happy life after job retirement, then also share with your friends who are making plans to live a life after job retirement without any problem.